初中英语作文:介绍中国的假期 Holidays in China

In our country .There are a lot of holidays such as Spring festival , Children's day and May day. All the people in China like these holidays very much.

Spring festival is a popular holiday in china. It is in January or February. People eat a lot of delicious food and go shopping. They usually spend time with their family and friends.My favourite holiday is Children's day. It is on the first of June. Children usually have parties at school, go to the park and go to the cinema. I didn't go to the park and go to the cinema last year. I had parties at school with my family. We were very happy.

My father and grandpa's favourite holiday is May day. It is on the first of May. People usually have a long holiday. They meet friends and relatives. They go to parks and beaches. But my father and grandpa planted trees last May day. They were very tired but happy!

We all like these holidays. On the days, we had a good time.