n our English Class, we often have group activities. There are usually three or four students in one group. In my opinion, the group activities help us study English better. First of all, we should know what the task is all about and how we will do it. Second, we have to make ourselves understood that what we try to conevy. We should know that each group member should play a different role and students should work together. If we have any questions, we should turn to our teacher for help. At the same time, we should have communicate with our group members. Last but not least, we must preform our activities in front of the whole class. It helps us to learn English better.

在英语课堂中,我们经常组织集体活动。一般来说,每个组都有3、4名学生。在我看来,英语学习小组活动能帮助我们更好的学习英语。首先,我们得知道小组的任务是什 么,我们应该怎么做。其次,我们要让他人明白自己所表达的东西。每个组员都扮演着不同的角色,学生们要相互合作。如果我们有任何问题,可以向老师求教。与 此同时,我们应该与其他的组员进行交流。最后一点,我们必须要在全部同学的面前表演所接受的任务。做表演让我们的英语学得更好。