初中英语作文:My Best Friend

It is necessary for us to make friends.My best friend is xxx.She is a girl,she is 12 years old.

we are from the same class.We often do the same things.But we also have not the same place,her academic performance is better than me and she is help me bring out the best in me. She is shorter and more heary than me.We are both quiet,so we enjoy studying together.

I think a good friend is like a mirror.

Keeping pets

As we know, keeping pets is very popular now. But different people have different ideas. Some people like keeping pets. They think pets are one of our family and they can bring us happiness. Sometimes pets can help us. Some people hate keeping pets. Because they think it’s a waste of time and money, and the pets are dirty. Some people think pets can bring illness.

I like keeping pets very much. Because I think they are cute, and they can make me happy.