I wait every day ah long for, longed to go one day eventually. I and aunt come to Yue Yang railway station cheerfully, sat to lead to the place that mom works, southern and luxurious metropolitan---The train of Guangzhou, those who pass ten hours is endless await, arrived eventually I expect long already Guangzhou. My foot just stepped the exit of a railway station, saw the minibus of mother company, I develop a car with the rapiddest rate, mom still does not have reaction of there's still time to come over, I had sat in her beside. I return those who think she will be very glad, did not think of her be furious: "Li Sheng, you this child is too bad, go with the grandma last Internet bar, you say to play 2 hours only, can a few hours did you play? 5 half hours ah, but this makes you old pa old Mom most the thing of lose face, if you next time again such, do not blame old Mom fall out not to know a person. " think this thing is my fault really later, I must be corrected well later, learn seriously. I went to mom's company the first thing fluctuates in computer namely carry " dream swims on the west " and " run run calorie of Ding Che " these two kinds of game, I was used one morning time, completed the download installation of these two game. Played a few hours to if you play,can exceed time everyday then, but she will be sarcastic your oh. Once old Mom should go out deliver goods, say to want to just can come back in the evening, she just walked along my hand a few minutes to begin itch again, open computer then, played delighted. Every time I hear to there is footstep on corridor, I with respect to shake with fear, there is a footstep again later, looking is mom so, I am frightened so that resemble an ants on a hot pan in those days, do not know how to should explain. These days the life lets me feel special happy, satisfactory. Then I issued a determination: I must be brought up to be about to work to here after very academic be used to.