Friend, you know what my hobby is, ouch, my hobby but much. What picture picture, see book, shuttlecock, anyway but much, my largest nevertheless interest or, read a book. I can be a person that loves a book to be like a life, the book in the home gets a nuisance more, be in which place casually, can find out a few books to come. Want to the book looks only, I resemble hunger person of a few days sees delicate food is euqally glad. When I read a book, but serious, if using my Mom, the book is " the day collapsed also without giving thought to. " I am one " big book bug " , those who eat " commissariat " what also absorb is particularly fast, digestive is fast also, so pa Mom often takes me to arrive " food store " buy " commissariat " " eat " . Somebody asks me, why I like to read a book so. This question is very simple, because be in the book,you can acquire a lot of knowledge. Gorky once had said " a flight of stairs that the book is human progress. " the world in the book but wonderful, the destiny of all sorts of characters encounters, joys and sorrows has each different, can let you jump with joy sometimes, can let you burst into tears sometimes. The book is our good teacher and helpful friend, resemble a friend of intimate. The life that the book can let you becomes book of; of rich and colorful can let you gain more knowledge. Altogether, be benefited in the life journey that a good book can let you boundless. Friend, what is your hobby? Also say to me.