She attends class like to interrupt, the teacher criticizes her, she returns ill-affected; not to interrupt sometimes, speak with respect to what below the whisper talks in whispers, teacher above tell, she is told below, the teacher hits her with chalk, had not answered magical word, she asks on classroom:" Who, who hits me. Who hits me.. Than feng4huang2  Can travel Ji lament flinchs Nuo? the hobby that finding pleasure to help others is her, once, when going up to read a class early, my abdomen is abrupt painful rise, was seen by her, raise a hand boldly to come, tell a teacher. Still once, li Hui caught a cold, one ground was spat on classroom, li Shan bumps into me, with because have blow on the face of a stink and come, so my outfit did not see, also do not have Shan of plum of pay attention to. She is risking fine drizzle to run to the dining room, did a few ash, put in the place that Li Hui spits, give that thing of smelly person next swept, imperceptible in the center Li Hui spat one ground again, the T blood that wears Li Shan newly is flyblown, I looked, run to the side of Li Shan, gently say:" Li Shan, you look much dirtier, was not swept! Your clothes is dirty also, you go back to be able to get a scolding for certain. You go back to be able to get a scolding for certain.. ? of difficult  of busy of scabbard of  of  second Pao replies:" Finding pleasure to help others is my nature, the clothes is dirty, come home can wash " I listened, be rendered speechless. This is my friend, she has wrong place already, also have an advantage. In my transfer that day, I wrote a piece of scrip to be placed in her summer vacation exercise. Writing on paper: Formic noise pats? of  of angry of Gou of Qian of astounded graceful barium your nature is met more and more carry on.