If,I call Zhang Hao, this name can be the crystallization of wisdom of old father old Mom, they hope my future is bright and moonish, bright month high above in the sky! Say me " the exterior " ! The head of round circle, be full of wisdom; There are 1 pair of thick brows above 1 pair of sharp eyes, can be an Apollo. Alone the tooth that of 1 a blemish in an otherwise perfect thing is me is a bit protuberant, the National People's Congress that says 1 pair of long tusk is much very clever, I feel for this pair of tusk VERY is proud. Want to say my characteristic, have a word only: Be fast! Have a meal fast, delicious meal 1 come up, be in charge of it 372101, take a chopstick to be gone to a place of strategic importance in the mouth, voracious, make a clean sweep of sth, extremely; Walk fast, with doctrine I had gone beside him, have the feeling of face of cool breeze stroke! Feigned course of study is quicker, can have speed to do not have quality, this makes me very vexed. Remember having 1 times, I copy exercise to return the home, abandon satchel to begin to be written madly, that handwriting also has myself to be able to be admired only. Doing doing, abrupt discovery has a problem to calculate no less than going to, did teacher title make mistake? Calculated, over shoes over boots, I did not settle a battle to 10 minutes. The 2nd day, exercise was sent, on paper of appear vividly of bright red × . I change, wrong still, 1 changed 5 times repeatedly, the teacher says be a fault. I was cheated, how is this problem done after all? I 100 think of do not get its to solve, 1 ask a fellow student, so I copy the problem wrong, " 8 " write into " 0 " . My suddenly be enlightened, changed to come over immediately. Hey, "Fast " can kill me miserable. The sport that I like most is taekwondo. Remember having 1 times, when I go learning taekwondo, came a companion, I two teach by curator. 1 begin, we practice kicking board, I was kicked a few times, at this moment, he is intended board 1 crooked, let me kick empty, hum, too abhorrent! Be turn for me to take board, I also a tooth for a tooth, board 1 crooked, he also is kicked empty, still fell " the dog gnaws mud " . I laugh rock: "Hum, those who know me is fierce! " he refuses to obey, such we were hit. At this moment, curator came, let us read taekwondo mind: Tolerance is self-denying, 100 fold castiron. From now on, what I knew to drill taekwondo is fostered is formal, of harden oneself is volition and endurance, can not be to fight frame act violently! My self-portrait is drawn simply, do you understand me? Add me to be a good friend at once, do not include me be blacklist!