初中英语作文:成功 Success

   The desire for success is universal. Especially nowadays , the possession of success is regarded by nearly everyone as the source of joy and self-confidence. Only with the help of success can you expect to see scientific, cultural and social development of human being. In contrast, without success, you cannot imagine what life itself would be like.

  How to succeed, then? First, you ambition and ideal lead you to success. Without them no great achievements can come about. Second, you must make best use of limited time to learn unlimited knowledge. Finally, you must work hard and get prepared to meet opportunities as they duly arrive. Because when an opportunity comes, it brings a promise but never realize it on its own.

  As for me, I have always been taking care to choose a goal and a right path before anything important. Then I will work hard and perseveringly. So, I have made some achievements and I will do better.