There are more books, if not reading, just a kind of goodness; reading more, if not, can only become empty talk. So we should walk together in the long river of books, and let's take care of the charm.

As mentioned in the name of the celebrity, \u0026 lsquo; \u0026 lsquo; reading breaks through 10,000 volumes, the pen is like God. \u0026 rsquo; \u0026 rsquo; A full reflection of reading is the basis of writing, so books are the ladder of human progress. The famous pianist Beethoven, although he suffered from deafness, but his strong personality impossible to succumb to the destiny, he decided to defeat himself, and use his knowledge and understanding of music to create a song. The name is to prove yourself. So there is only a lot of reading to grow. Reading must also read a good book, \u0026 lsquo; \u0026 lsquo; taking the method to be on, only in which the method is in it, so it is below. \u0026 rsquo; \u0026 rsquo; Reading is also the way to write, in the book sea, social life A tempering. The famous physicist Einstein, childhood is not very smart, and a teacher also said to Einstein \u0026 lsquo; \u0026 lsquo; you will not be incompetent. \u0026 rsquo;, Einstein is not convinced, he strives to study hard in the future, finally achieved the world-famous achievement, and published light quantum that the molecular size measurement, Brown motion theory and the narrow relativism Finally, be a famous physicist. The famous painter Da Vinci has worked hard from a child, and if you want to show your perfect phantom in the drawing, you can't do it. He studied sketch, study hard, after a long-term hardship and artistic practice, finally created immortal painting \"Mona Lisa's smile\" and became a famous painter.

Reading must have the correct choice, but also to pay attention to methods, learn to read, read a good book. \u0026 lsquo; \u0026 lsquo; The teenager does not know the hardship, and it is always regretted. \u0026 rsquo; \u0026 rsquo; often reading will make people enrichment, make people wise, make people open their eyes. Just as \u0026 lsquo; \u0026 lsquo; live to old, learn to be old. \u0026 rsquo; \u0026 rsquo; The book gives us too much knowledge and wisdom, and can also grow in the book sea, experience the charm of this. How can books are not for people 's lives \u0026 lsquo; \u0026 lsquo; partner \u0026 rsquo; \u0026 rsquo; do you want to read a book like a door in the door, middle-aged, reading a book, a young man, reading a moon! This image is vivid Metaphor, is not the best embodiment of reading a charm?

Books such as the vast sea, books like a warm and romantic trip, just like a cardnam girl dream, flashing under the starry sky . Love the book, this is the source of knowledge!