Water flooded class

Xingtai City, Hebei Province, the three-year-old three-year-old four-year Liu Wei

Last night, the outside has been raining, but I can't take care of this, because The school will immediately hold a monthly study, I have to review it, and strive to take a good grade tomorrow.

\u0026 ldquo; 铃 铃, 铃 铃. \u0026 rdquo; a crisp alarm clock with me got up. After I am preparing everything, I will walk to the school. After the class, I am surprised, how we have become a good thing in the class, and the water curtain hole \u0026 rdquo; It turns out that our class is because of the most upstairs, rain has not come to evaporate, through the top of the roof, after a night, it will become like this.

After our class teacher came, he ordered us to pour the water into the trash can. Since our class is the biggest victim of the school, this thing has alarmed the principal and director, they personally come to see the situation of our class. We are not idle in labor and class teacher. She is holding a broom and scorpion, and she also participates in our emergency rescue activities.

When we worked with our teachers, the water had been swept away, but it was started. In order not to delay our people in other classes, the teacher let us first go to the exam, we will go. But there is also some classmates to stay in the class.

We are very comfortable in other people, but I don't know how people feel in the class.