Linghu Tour

Grasped the tail of the Qingming holiday, and our three have come to the beautiful Linghu, conduct a hiking.

Usually arrived in Linghu, not riding a car, just look at the fountain, never feel its charm with your heart. Come ON! Today, let us go deep into the hinterland of Linghu, enjoy the fun of nature brings us!

Take the footpath next to the lake, a fascinating fragrance, into your heart spleen. The reed baby on both sides made a radio exercise, patted the ass, for a while, twisted, clumsy, no fun.

Walking into a gloomy small road, the hot sun disappeared without a discrise, and the face is a green cold, which makes you feel easy. Mother grabbed the vines on the tree, heard the aroma on the leaf, as if it was a green elf, it was collecting the natural flavor!

Before coming to a bridge, a strong momentum rushed to you. I took the stone bar while I was carved on the fence: Some engraved with two mutually entangled dragons, spit out beautiful water flowers; some engraved with two flying dragons, the front jaws arrived, Everyone looks back and looks at; there is still a double dragon play bead, Dapeng wings, a hundred birds, Feng \u0026 Hellip; \u0026 hellip; all animals are like acting, it is really like alive.

On the top of the bridge, standing above, the scenery of Linghu is full. On onwy grove, hiding black brick roof and snowy wall. Before, Linghu calm like a mirror, green is like a piece of jade. Bamboo raft, the boat is slowly drawn on the lake, almost no trace. This beautiful lake!

I took a loft, the breeze passed through my cheek. It wrinkled the lake, and the hair was blown, and the heart was blown. In the reeds, a few migratory birds returned in the north, the flanging flying, and the light language. Green reeds, gently sway, sand, straightforward, straightforward. There are a few brocade scales in the distance, and I have a circle of ripples. A few wild ducks have come to join in the fun. One is still slid in the water, and a beautiful landscape painting is born! [123

On the embankment, Yang Liuyi, Liu tree is in the wind, and the passers-by is busy taking pictures. In the big lawn next to the willow, the flowers are colorful, such as woven damasses, stretch, like the sky is so dazzling, like the rainbow of the sky is so gorgeous. Which garden is more than the beauty of the flower of this Linghu?

In the sunset, we waved a good beautiful Linghu. This short walk, I truly realized the beauty of Linghu. I also know: As long as we look at it, go to listen, and feel, it is ubiquitous.