Saturday, Saturday, May 24

Today is Saturday, I originally thought that after a week of \u0026 ldquo; hard work \u0026 rdquo; can take a good rest today, sleep Surround, unnecessary there is a \u0026 ldquo; mad dog \u0026 rdquo; screaming at four o'clock, disturbing my dream.

In the dream, I eat \u0026 ldquo; burger jelly \u0026 rdquo;, in the colorful tea, listen to beautiful soft songs, sitting in \u0026 ldquo; gods Babao Chair \u0026 rdquo;, enjoy, suddenly I heard a dog, I jumped off \u0026 ldquo; eight treasures \u0026 rdquo; Escape, keep shouting: \u0026 ldquo; Help \u0026 rdquo; The bed rolled down, it turned out to be a dream, I patted my little dirty, cover the quilt, ready to continue to be my \u0026 ldquo; eat Dream Dream \u0026 rdquo; I can't sleep, I really helpless! Listen to the dog, I think about this dog for this dog? Is it a small and slick Gilva? Is the snow whitening Collie? Is it a Wolf dog? My mind is full of fantasies, and I have a question in my heart. No, I have to see if I slept. But I am looking for the window window. I don't want to find it outside the window of the front balcony. It seems that I have come from behind, and I hurried to the balcony. The sound seems to go back, it is really \u0026 ldquo; I only smell it, I don't see it. Dog \u0026 RDQUO; Ah! I have to return to bed, since I can't sleep, simply read books, in the world of books, I calm down the dog, I smelled the buns, I went to the red tea, in the world of the book , I am traveling \u0026 hellip; \u0026 hellip;

Although I was awakened in the morning, I didn't sleep well, but I read happiness from the book, I read happiness, I read it calm, thank this mad dog.

It is writing a diary, and that dog is in the wild, who is provoked it? Dog, dog, you call it during the day, but you can call it in the middle of the night!