Spring is here, but there are also garbage. How to reduce garbage? Let me open a \u0026 ldquo; garbage harm theme will \u0026 rdquo; bar!

Garbage is the items produced by our daily life, which is generally divided into domestic garbage and industrial rubbish. Let us first spend the garbage. The more people, the more garbage is more. If it is handled properly, it will pollute the environment. Garbage has become an enemy of humans.

What is the harm of the garbage? (1) A beautiful place has a lot of coming, it becomes stinky, the mosquito flies are disaster, the good end life is destroyed. (2) causing fire. Abandoned glass and canned boxes, congestive and reflective. If the angle is consistent, the sun is bundled into a focus. Once shot on the flammable object, it will fire, and a forest fire is caused by this reason.

The harm brought by garbage is not small, but I have a method of eliminating this harm! (1) is caused by human beings, so I have to start from itself, develop unscrupulous Good habit of garbage. (2) Strengthen management and do a good job in processing garbage. Now, many places use bagged garbage approach, will have less transit, cut off the pathogenic medium, which is worth promoting.

This theme will, you also know how to love the environment. So let us love the environment together 1