初中英语作文:什么是良好的饮食习惯? What is a Good Eating Habit?

What is a good eating habit? In my opinion, a good eating habit is related to eat healthily and regularly. To say it simply, Xiao Ming has breakfast about 7:30a.m. to 9:00a.m. every morning and lunch at noon. He also has dinner about 6:30p.m. to 7:30p.m in the evening. What he eats is healthy food, such as, meat, vegetable, fruit, egg, milk and so on. He would not have some snacks for a meal. He also would not eat and drink too much or eat nothing. Xiao Ming sets a good example to have a good eating habit. 什么是良好的饮食习惯吗?在我看来,良好的饮食习惯与健康饮食和饮食规律有关系。简单地说,肖明每天早上7:30到9:00左右吃早餐,之后中午再吃午餐。他大约下午6:30到7:00的时候吃晚餐。他吃的也是健康的食品,如,蔬菜,水果,肉,蛋,牛奶等。他不会把零食当饭吃。他也不会暴饮暴食或什么都不吃。肖明就是一个有良好饮食习惯的例子。