初中英语作文:最深的感情 The Deepest Relationship

When I see my grandparents walking together, I will think of the popular sentence, which is the most romantic thing is to grow old with you. I think this is the deepest relationship. They have experienced all kinds of happiness and sorrow together, making each other the in-separate part. They know each other so well. My grandma can get my grandpa’s idea when she looks at his face. They set the good example for the young parents, showing them what the true love is. When people say that they don’t believe in love, then I will think of my grandparents and have strong faith in love. I am so proud of them. 每当我看到我爷爷和奶奶一起散步时,我就会想起那句流行的话——最浪漫的事就是和你一起慢慢变老。我认为这是最深厚的感情。他们一起经历了所有的快乐与悲伤,让彼此成为相互间不可或缺的一部分。他们非常了解彼此,奶奶看看爷爷的脸就可以知道爷爷的想法。他们给年轻父母树立了榜样,告诉他们什么是真爱。当别人说他们不相信爱情了,我就会想起爷爷和奶奶,对爱情有强烈的信心。我为他们感到骄傲。