初中英语作文:家人的支持 Family's Support

Taylor Swift is the hot female singer in the world. Her music is favored by the teenagers all the time and she has made many records at her young age. People are shocked by her talent, because she can write songs in a short time, even male singers appreciate her talent. Besides her ability, she owed her success to her family's support. When Taylor was very small, people around her laughed at her dream. They thought she couldn't be a star, then her family inspired her and moved to another place. With family's support, she soon showed her talent and realized her dream. Family's attitude always decides a child's future.  泰勒·斯威夫特是世界上热门女歌手,她的音乐受到青少年的青睐,在年纪轻轻的时候就创造了很多记录。人们都惊于她的天赋,因为她可以在很短时间内完成歌曲写作,甚至男歌手都欣赏她的才华。除了她的能力,她把她的成功归功于她家人的支持。在泰勒非常小的时候,周围的人嘲笑她的梦想,他们认为她不可能成为明星,然后她的家人就鼓励她,并搬到另一个地方。在家人的支持下,她很快就显示出了她的才华并实现她的梦想。家人的态度总会决定孩子的未来。