高中英语作文:文化误读 Culture Misunderstanding

Nowadays, if you search the Internet, you may find the weird situation that people say they are rich not because they own a lot of money, but tea eggs. This is the hot topic in the latest days; the topic originated from a Taiwan TV talk show, a scholar said Mainland was so poor that people there couldn’t buy a tea egg to eat. Then people in the Mainland laughed at what the scholar said, they showed off a lot of tea eggs in the Internet, leaving the words that they were lucky to have tea eggs. Though Taiwan is part of China, because of the history issues, people don’t real get to know each other, so culture misunderstanding always happen. Some people in Taiwan think the Mainland is very poor, so they say we couldn’t afford a tea egg. People need to get more communication between Taiwan and Mainland, we are a family, we should know each other, such misunderstand should be eliminated.

现在,如果你上网,你可以发现一个很奇怪的现象,人们讲自己很富裕,并不是因为有很多钱,而是因为他们有茶叶蛋。这是最近很火的一个话题,这个话题是由台湾的一个访谈节目引起的,节目中的一位学者说大陆很贫穷,人们吃不起茶叶蛋。然后大陆的人们取笑这位学者所讲的,纷纷在网上晒茶叶蛋,并留言他们很幸运拥有茶叶蛋。虽然台湾是中国的一部分,但是由于历史问题的原因,人们彼此之间并不了解,所以文化误读经常发生。一些在台湾的民众觉得大陆很贫穷,因此才会将我们买不起茶叶蛋。台湾和大陆之间应该多交流,我们是一家人,我 们应该了解彼此,这样的误会应该要消除。