高中英语作文:上大学的理由 The Reason Why I Go to University

The stage of high school is believed to be the turning point of students’ lives. After three years’  hard work, they will come to the new chapter, which is going to university. The main reason for I go to university is to realize the dream I was told all the time. Before, my teachers always told us the wonderful things in the university, such as we could make many friends from all cities and joined all kinds of activities. It sounded like the paradise for me, but later I figure out more reasons. I want to improve myself by getting higher education and master more skills, so that I can be competitive in the job market. I can take a part time job and gain the working experience to make better preparation for the future. So I must study hard to obtain my goal.  高中阶段被认为是学生生活的转折点。通过三年的努力学习,他们将开启人生的新篇章,也就是大学。我上大学的主要理由是为了实现我一直被灌输的梦想。我的老师以前总是告诉我们在大学里的美好事物,比如我们可以结交到来自各个地方的朋友,参加各种各样的活动。对我来说这听起来就像是天堂,但是后来我找到更多的理由。我想通过高等教育来提高自己,掌握更多的技能,以便我在就业市场充满竞争力。我可以做一份兼职工作来获取工作经验,为未来做更好的准备。所以我必须努力学习来实现我的目标。