高中英语作文:关于共享单车 About Bike-sharing

Bike-sharing has been advocated by the government in recent years. It offers help to the people who is in a hurry to reach the destination soon, the more important is to let more people back to the simple traffic style and reduce private cars, so as to protect our environment. But some people make use of this policy to take advantages of others. News report that some middle age men and women force people to give charge after finishing using bike-sharing, because they look after the bikes. It is known to all that bike-sharing is free, which is the convenience government offers to the public. It is ridiculous to charge. When the news exposed, the public know the truth and the ones who take charge are criticized. Under the government’s supervision, now bike-sharing is more popular. 近年来政府一直提倡共享单车。共享单车给那些匆忙、快要到达目的地的人提供了帮助,更重要的是它让更多的人回归到简单的交通方式,减少私家车出行,保护我们的环境。但是有些人却利用这个政策去占别人的便宜。据新闻报道,一些中年男女强迫人们在使用自行车后交费,因为他们在帮看管自行车。众所周知,共享单车是免费的项目,是政府向公众提供的便利。收费是荒谬的。新闻曝光后,公众也了解到了真相,收费的人也受到了批评。在政府的监督下,现在共享自行车越来越受欢迎。