高考英语作文:Fights between parents and kids 父母和孩子之间的争吵

As I am growing older and older, it seems I have less and less words in common with my parents.Looking back to my childhood, I used to be a well-done student and never argue with them. There must be something wrong, or to say, there must be something changed. And I took these reasons as follow.

Firstly, we have our own thoughts. We started to build our own world view,and the way we think in is not the same as those of our parents'. And we both sides think that I AM THE RIGHT PART. We believe that the time changes and our way of thinking is the main and core one. However our parents are sure that their experience will never let everyone down. That what we say revolution and the basis original right way.

Secondly, we take "right" in charge, however, our parents, sometimes because they are, they want to prove their station and sure their experience is much more than us, so they think they are doing the right things. Also it may because the comparation of our "now" and "than", that gives them a huge fall in phycological.

Finally, what should we do to avoid the fights? The point is that we should know that we are growing older but parents are older than us. Listen to them and point the "totally wrong", or sometimes, just change the topic before it became to a fight.