高考英语作文:The Way to Learn English 学习英语的方法

My aunt is pretty worried about my cousin's English score. She used to do well in English but becomes worse and worse with her grade going on. And maybe it is because that I am somehow good at it, my aunt turned to me for some help. I do consider this for a while, and here have some experience to share.

Firstly, about English movies and songs. Watching movies is a quite relaxing way. You don't need to think or write just follow it and move on. Someone may ask, are the movies really help? The answer is yes. For English is a kind of language, you practice it while listening, and the movies exactly offer a circumstance for listening and speaking. It can give you a sence of language speaking. And also, the selection is very important. I suggest cartoons, because in fact, our students, even in the middle school, because of the poor vocabulary and grammar, is not suit for the Holywood Movies. On the contrary, cartoons are for the children and adolesence and the words are easy and understandble, and there will not be some scence which is unsuitable for teens. As for songs, its just a way of relaxing. Not until you reach some levels, you won't find it useful for English learning.Secondly, the vocabulary. Words are the basic for a language. Sometimes you can't figure it out, and it's not because you can't catch the idea, but you cannot describe it in another language.And you can't express yourself or learn from others accurately because of the same reason.

Anyway,English learning is a long-term fight. Some say it's a kind of accumulate.It's right. You are never too old to stop learning things, that's why the dictionaries getting thicker and thicker.