高考英语作文:About Sports 关于运动

Nowadays, more and more people have learnt about the importance of sports. We can see them running in the evening, or walking fast on the streets. Sports is really important, we can tell it from the start of the Olympic Games, and also the advocate from schools. Schools require students to exercise 2 hours a day, it is not only good for health but also a healthy relaxing method mentally. However, while we are exercising, there exists something that we do should know. Firstly, do not be addicted. For example, last semester, I was pretty crazy about basketball. I played it every afternoon when I finished homework. However, sometimes I found there would be more time to play it if I did the homework faster, and obviously, I did it unfocused and even didn't care the answer. It's not difficult to find out why I had a poor score at my homework.Secondly, do care the enviornment. For example, walking on the streets is not a very safy way to exercise. Cars may cause accidents, or walkers may due to the traffic problems.What's worse, the air is not fresh enough for respiration.

Finally, remember to choose not what you like most but what fits you best. When you make a progress of it, you will certainly got inspiration and fall in love with it.