高考英语作文:A Letter 一封信

Hi Sharon,

This is Li Xia.I learned from your post that you want to improve youMandarin.I would like to help you do this.You know,I am learning Chinese and our Chinese teacher always puts a high vaul on our Mandarin.So it is easy to teach your Mandarin.But how to learn Mandarin well,it is a big problem.In my opinion,you should follow these suggestions:

Firstly,the more you speak the better you will be.The most important of learning languages is to speak often.

Secondly,don not be afraid of making mistakes.When you talk by Mandarin,you should speak clearly and word by word.

If you take the advice,I believe you will be good at it.By the way,I hope you could help me learn English,the spoken English is my shortcoming.I really want to improve it.


Li Xia