高考英语作文:Winter 冬天

After the fall, winter gentlely comes to us, with the temperature goes down step by step, and we will put on the clothes little by little. But to someone, the much-awaited winter finally comes, with the clean and beautiful snow falling down. Children shout and hurry to the outside to enjoy the snowy day. They will make a snowman and maybe give him a scarf, a chrestams hat.Stones are his eyes, carrot becomes his nose, branches from the tree are his arms and their coat is made by the snowy-drapery and stone-buttons. They will also get a smile face with the help of the stones. And other children may have a snowball fight. They devided into two parts and round their balls to throw to the other part's little soiders and try to occupy the other part's base under the enermy's heavy fire of snowball. And when the day gets dark, children will go back to their own families, breathe on the window and draw some masterpieces. Night comes, with children go to bed, the snow slowly and quietly pour down, quilt over the ground, and everything in the earth becomes silent and clean then.