高考英语作文:Traffic and Protecting Environment 交通与环保

Traffic and Protecting Environment

2015年11月,全国中东部地区17省市持续雾霾,陷入大范围的重度和严重污染。造成这一现象的主要原因是工厂排出的废气和汽车尾气等。绿色低碳,保护环境,从我们身边小事做起。现请你根据以下三个方面的提示,以“Let’s Do Something to Save Our Environment”为题写一篇80词左右的短文。





Let’s Do Something to save Our Environment

We all live on the earth. The earth is our home. We have only one earth. We must take care of it. It gives us the best environment. If we harm it, it will be angry. And then we will have a terrible end. There are three problems in our earth, they are pollution, disaster and illness.

It’s our duty to protect our environment. So we must plant more trees, protect the flowers and the trees, save energy, reduce the pollution. We should ask our government to control the pollution from the factories.

Protecting the nature is very important. It’s our duty to keep our environment clean and tidy.

If everyone makes a contribution to protecting the environment, the earth will become much more beautiful.