Today is the 70th birthday of our motherland's mother. I beg my mother to take me to Huanggang, the hometown of many generals. The first one is Chibi.


When we get to Chibi, we can see all kinds of entertainment items as soon as we enter the gate: pirate boats, merry-go-round horses... After crossing the bridge, we entered the third gate. In front of it, there was a statue of Dongpo, about six meters high. It was like Zhongsu Shi holding a book behind him, wearing Dongpo scarf on his head and boots on his feet. It was like singing poems, giving people a heroic and elegant feeling.


After a while, we came to Poxian Pavilion, in which "Niannujiao - Chibi nostalgia" was written by Su Shi drunk, with strange writing style and recognized as a treasure.


Up the stairs, we came to Erfu Hall, which was named after Su Dongpo wrote Qian Chibi Fu and Hou Chibi Fu here.


Then we came to the museum and Guanli told me that Su Dongpo had been demoted to Huangzhou for four years and two months, but he wrote more than 220 poems, sixty-six poems and three Fus totaling more than 740, and his famous poems were all written during this period. He is not only good at music, mathematics, medicine, aesthetics and cooking, but also in agricultural water and stone research. He is generally acknowledged to be a versatile scholarly and versatile wizard. After reading it, I am filled with emotion. In such a situation, instead of being discouraged and decadent, Su Dongpo left such a masterpiece for our future generations. How can it not be awesome to learn?


After coming down from the mountain, we came to the corridor of revolutionary martyrs, including Marshal Lin Biao, General Wang Shusheng, General Wang Jian'an, Xu Shiyou and many other generals. According to statistics, there are one marshal, one general and eight general in Hubei Province. I admire them for their contributions to the founding of New China. When the sun set, we reluctantly left the Red Cliff.


This special National Day, I am very happy, because I learned a lot of knowledge that I did not know before. I hope I can often visit such places in the future.