Changing ourselves is not only necessary,but inevitable,especially when sometimes we are not able to change the challenging situations at all. Something like that happened to me once.There was a time when I was laughed at by my classmates while I was walking.Puzzled about why they laughed at me,I decided to find out the answer.One of them told me that the way I walked was very strange and funny,1 was overwhelmed with sadness but I just couldn't change the way I walked.And the situation of being laughed at just didn't stop.Therefore,I changed my attitude towards the incident.I ignored those comments on me and walked as l used to.The comments soon disappeared and I was so glad to have succeeded in the quiet war. To sum up,we should keep changing and growing.Change ourselves according to the specific situation,and our life will be full of strength and vigor. 参考译文: 改变自己,不仅是必要的,也是不可避免的,尤其是当我们根本无法改变那些具有挑战性的情况时。 这样的事情曾发生在我身上。 曾经有一段时期当我走路时,被同学们嘲笑。我很不解他们为什么嘲笑我,我决定要找出答案。其中一个人告诉我,我走路的样子很奇怪也很滑稽。我陷入了悲伤但我无法改变走路方式。被嘲笑的情况也没有停下来。 因此,我改变了对这件事的态度。 我忽略了那些对我的评论并按我以前的方式走路。 评论很快就消失了,我很高兴赢得了这场安静的战争。 总之,我们应保持变化,不断成长。 根据具体的情况改变自己,我们的生活将会充满力量和活力。