As the saying goes,"Treat others as you would like to be treated."lf we want to be treated well,we should treat others well too. Two years ago,I was admitted to high school.Ranking first in my class,I felt proud and superior.Therefore,I dreamed about being admired and treated well everywhere,and I always looked down upon my classmates who turned to me in their studies.One day,xiao Ming asked me to help him work out a math probiern.I glanced at it,and said,"So easy,how foolish you are!"On hearing it,he said angrily,"I won't ask you again and many classmates have been fed up with your arrogance."I was shocked.,Only then did I realize why I was so unpopular with my classmates,From then on.I tried to treat them equally and helped them with all my heart,With time going by.I got along with them much better. Keep in mind that we'd better treat othors the way we would like to be treated. 参考译文: 俗话说,"用你希望被别人对待的方式去对待别人。"如果我们想得到好的对待,我们也应该很好地对待别人。 两年前,我考入高中。 在班里我排名第一,我感到骄傲和优越。因此,我幻想在任何地方都受到欣赏和善待,我经常看不起那些来问我学习上问题的同学。有一天,小明让我帮他解答一个数学题。 我瞥了一眼,说:"太简单了,你怎么这么笨!”听到这个,他生气地说:“我再也不问你了,许多同学已经受够了你的骄傲自大。”我很震惊。到那时我才意识到为什么我不受同学们的欢迎。从那以后,我试着平等地对待他们,全心全意地帮助他们。随着时间的推移,我和他们相处得好多了。 记住,我们最好用我们希望被别人对待的方式去对待别人。