高中英语作文:有志者,事竟成 Where There's a Will,There's a Way.

Where There's a Will,There's a Way. Among all the instructive proverbs that give people advice,the one I like most is"Where there is a will,there is a way."This short.beautiful sentence tells us an incontrovertible truth:lf you have a dream and stick to it,you'll realize it sooner or later. For me,the saying has a special meaning.When l was in Junior High School,I was so poor in my studies that l nearly gave up.But my head teacher was always there and gave me confidence every time I lost heart.He used to say:"A little more effort and you'll make it."Thanks to my dearest teacher,all my efforts paid off and finally I became a top student. "Nothing is impossible to a willing heart",as long as you have a dream,keep trying and you'll make it,too. 参考译文: 有志者,事竟成 在所有给别人建议的有益谚语中,我最喜欢的一个是“有志者,事竟成”。这个短小漂亮的句子告诉我们一个不可辩驳的真理:如果你有梦想并坚持下去,你迟早会实现它。 对我来说,这句话有特殊的意义。 当我上初中时,我学习很差并且几乎要放弃了。但我的班主任总会每次在我心灰意冷的时候给我信心。他常说:“在努力一点,你会成功的”。感谢我亲爱的老师,我所有的努力得到了回报,最终成为一名优秀的学生。 “世上无难事,只怕有心人”。只要你有梦想,不断努力,你也会实现它的。