In the picture,a huge elephant is walking leisurely forward and above it is a small bird flying gaily ahead.There is a second bird following them.But to my surprise,instead of accompanying the bird in flight,it tries hard to follow in the tracks of the elephant. What the picture conveys to us is that with a powerful influence of a big shot like the elephant,some people go their own way like the bird in flight,while others blindly struggle to copy the big shot and get nowhere,like the bird making every effort to follow in the elephant's footsteps. Therefore,in the course of pursuing our dreams,we should be aware and make the best of our own strengths rather than stumble behind others embarrassedly ig-noring our own strong points. 参考译文: 在这幅画面里,一头大象正在悠闲地往前走着,上方有一只小鸟快乐地飞翔。还有一只小鸟在后面跟着它们。 但让我惊讶的是,它没有陪伴着那只飞翔的小鸟,而是辛苦地追随着大象的脚印。 这幅画面所要传达给我们的是在像大象这样大人物的影响下,有些人像飞翔的小鸟那样走自己的路,然而另一些人却盲目地、辛苦地模仿大人物,结果一事无成,就像那只辛苦追随大象脚印的小鸟一样。 因此,在追寻梦想的过程中,我们应该清楚并充分利用我们自身的优势,而言不是在别人的后面蹒跚学步、窘迫不安,忽略了自己的长处。