Different people may bid for different things.As for me,I want dreams,friendship and an admission notice to a famous university most. Dreams would be on the top of my list.Only by pursuing our dreams can we enjoy a meaningful and fulfilled life.Money can buy a comfortable life,but without dreams,even a millionaire would find his life boring. A person without friends can never be happy.Our life is full of joys and sorrows,which we need people to share with.Faced with difficulties,we need friends to give us comfort and help.Just as a saying goes,"A friend in need is a friend indeed."Friendship can help us through ups and downs of life,so friendship would be in my list as well. After working hard for so many years,I deserve to.go to a good university,because being admitted to a famous university can help me live up to my parents expectations and bring me a bright future. 参考译文: 不同的人可能会竞拍不同的东西。 对于我来说,我最想要梦想、友谊和名牌大学的录取通知书。 梦想是我的首要选择。 只有通过追求梦想,我们才能享受有意义而充实的人生。钱可以买到舒适的生活,但如果没有梦想,甚至百万富翁也会发现他的生活很无聊。 ー个没有朋友的人永远不会快乐。 我们的生活充满了欢乐和悲伤,这些需要我们与其他人一起分享。 面对困难,我们需要朋友给予我们安慰和帮助。正如俗语所说,“患难见真情。”友谊可以帮助我们度过生命中的起起伏伏,所以我也选择友谊。 经过这么多年的努力学习,我应该去一所好大学,因为被一所名牌大学录取可以帮助我实现父母对我的期望,给我一个美好的未来。