I often imagine what my life will be like in the future.I would like to mention some ideas about it in ten years in detail as follows. My life then must be quite different from now,To begin with,I will have got married to a girl whom I have been in deep love with for years.What's more,we will probably have a lovely child.Besides,I will be working in a senior high school as an outstanding English teacher,There is no doubt that I will be popular with the students and get along well with my colleagues.Finally,in my free time,I will continue to take regular exercise,such as swimming,running and cycling.In addition,on summer and winter vacations,I will travel around the world to broaden my horizons. In a word,I believe my life will be much richer and more colorful in ten years as long as l work hard for it now. 参考译文: 我经常想象我未来的生活会是什么样子。下面我详细说一说关于十年后的一些想法。 我的生活肯定与现在大不相同。 首先,我娶了一位深爱多年的姑娘。然后,我们可能会有一个可爱的孩子。另外,我将会在一所高中工作,当一名优秀的英语老师。 毫无疑问我会受到学生们的欢迎并与同事们相处融洽。最后,在我的业余时间,我会继续按时进行锻炼,如游泳,跑步和骑自行车。此外,在暑假和寒假期间,我将周游世界,以开阔眼界。 总之,我相信只要我现在努力工作,十年后我的生活会变得更丰富多彩。