Dear Sam, Thank you for your concern.Well,I'm now taking the once-a-year college entrance examination,which is scheduled to take place on June 7th and 8th.On the first day,we take the Chinese and math exams and geography,history,politics and English are tested on the second day.Over the past ten months,we have been devoted to preparing for this examination,We often study deep into night. At first,I did feel a little bit nervous but soon l calmed down because Chinese and math,I came to realize,were very easy and English is my favorite.subject,you know.So l suppose I can get a good mark and as a result,I will be admitted to my ideal college. Yours. Li Xia 参考译文: 亲爱的山姆: 谢谢你的关心。 我现在正准备参加六月七日和八日举行的一年一度的高考。第一天,我们将进行语文和数学考试,第二天考地理、历史、政治和英语 。在过去的10个月里,我们一直致力于准备这次考试,经常学习到深夜。 起初,我的确感到有点紧张,但很快我平静下来,因为我意识到语文和数学是很容易的,英语,你也知道,是我最喜欢的科目。所以我想我能考一个好的分数,最终被我理想的大学录取。 李夏