Nowadays,people in China are increasingly in-terested in celebrating foreign festivals,especially those western festivals. Some people say celebrating Christmas or Valen-tine's Day is just another way of recreation,nothing seri-ous. Other people consider it as a fashion act showing they are not "out”,and they also think western culture reveals much romance. The arising of celebrating foreign festivals clearly has something to do with the advancement of China's economy. In my point of view,Christmas and other festivals celebrated in China have much difference from the origin.They have lost their religious background and turned into just a big occasion to have fun and enjoy life. In conclusion,I think it's all right to receive some foreign cultures,but we should not ignore our own traditional festivals. 参考译文 如今,中国人越来越热衷于过外国的节日,尤其是西方的节日。 有些人说,过圣诞节或情人节只是另一种娱乐方式,没有什么严重性。 另外有些人把这作为一种显示他们没有“落伍”的时尚行为,并且他们也认为西方文化能展现很多浪漫情愫。 庆祝外国节日现象的产生明显与中国经济的发展有关。 在我看来,中国过的圣证节和其他节日与它们的起源有很大不同。他们已经失去了其宗教背景,变成一个仅仅为了娱乐和享受生活而存在的盛大场合。 总之,我认为接受一些外国文化是可以的,但是不应该忽视我们自己的传统节日。