With the popularity of the Internet,many high school students open their own microblogs or begin to use We-Chat. For one thing,it can provide a colorful platform to showcase their talent and it is a useful way to release their pressure.But on the other hand,managing one's microblog or using WeChat will take a lot of time and energy,while these should be used to study,which is students'main task. In my opinion,I am greatly in favor of this activity. Nowadays the Internet is playing an important and essential role in our life.We need to learn and make use of this meaningful tool to communicate and display ourselves.More importantly,organizing microblogs or using WeChat needs various abilities such as writing, designing and so on.As a result,we improve ourselves during the process. Microblog or WeChat itself is of little harm.It is your attitude towards it that matters.We should take the advantages and avoid some bad effects. 参考译文 随着互联网的普及,许多高中学生都开通自己的微博或者开始使用微信。 一方面,它为展示自己的才华提供了一个丰富多彩的平台,也是释放压力的一种有用的方法。但另一方面,管理自己的微博或使用微信会花费很多时间与精力,而这些时间与精力本应该用来学习,学习才是学生的主要任务。 在我看来,我非常赞成这种行为。 如今,互联网在我们的生活中发挥了非常重要的、不可或缺的作用。 我们需要学习和利用这一有意义的交流工具并展示自己。 更重要的是,写微博或使用微信需要各种能力,如写作、设计等。从而,我们在这一过程中提高了自己。 微博或微信本身是没有危害的。重要的是你对待它的态度。我们应充分利用其优点,避免一些不好的影响。