Hi Worried, I'm sorry to know that you're having such a bad time at the moment.As we all know,most of us will go through a period when things seem to be going wrong,making it easy for us to lose our temper.Therefore,there is no need to worry too much.What's important is to learn to control your temper to avoid doing anything you'll regret.The following suggestions will be of much help. First,talk to someone you trust about your feeling, which can help you let your anger out.Second,play team games with your friends.which is an effective way to calm down.And third,remain optimistic,for it is how you react to it instead of what happens to you tnat determines your spirits. In this way,I believe,you will soon get it over. Yours, Jamie 参考译文 你好,焦虑的你: 得知你现在正处于困难时期我感到很遗憾。 众所周知,我们大多数人都会经历一段艰难的时期,这让我们很容易发脾气。 因此,没有必要担心太多。重要的是学会控制你的脾气,避免做一些让你后悔的事。 下面的建议会有很大帮助。 首先,向你信任的人聊聊你的感受,这可以帮助你释放愤怒。 第二,与你的朋友玩玩团队游戏,这是平静下来的一种有效方式。第三,保持乐观,因为决定你情绪的是你如何应对它而不是发生在你身上的事。 我相信这样一来你很快就会克服焦虑。 杰米