高中英语作文:关于长寿 About Longevity

投稿作者:梁宇 Jason



Almost everyone wants to live a long life, but longevity is not for all people. It is reported that most long life people are in villages, far away from big cities. In village, life is closer to nature. The sky there is clear and pretty; the air is fresh; the water is clean; and the food they eat are natural, without any chemicals. Besides, those villages are abundant in green trees, beautiful flowers, fresh fruit, and wild animals, which can evoke people's passions for life. Moreover, the living pace in those villages is rather slow. People suffer less stress than cities’. Thus, they have more freedom to enjoy what they like. No wonder that most villagers are strong and healthy. If I become old someday, I would like to move to village to enjoy a more comfortable and pleasant life.