高中英语作文:爸爸和妈妈谁更重要? Who is More Important, Father or Mother?




When it comes to the topic who plays more critical role in family between mother and father, it results in a source of hot debate. Regardless of the answer, both mother and father are certainly support their families in different ways.


Maybe some people insist that no one is more important and indispensable than dad, who holds a family source of income. Father is always considered as the authority, particularly in the ancient time. Nevertheless I don’t think so, because mother also sacrifices a lot, who takes the large proportion of housework .And nowadays there is a growing tendency that more and more mother goes out and develops their vocation. Hence mother is more independent in mentally and physically than before, which help them better to suffer stress and deal with family affairs.


To sum up, without mother or father, we can’t build an intact and satisfactory family. Only under the mutual love of parents, children would grow healthily.