People say that maternal love is kind, selfless, great, can sometimes, the father even 9 is more worrying than the mother, more worrying is more hard than the mother. I have learned a classmate of my class - Chen Mingzhou, I felt that his father's care for him and felt this great, selfless father. When Chen Mingzhou is two and a half years old, due to a fever, he is infected with vasodilation, even more unfortunately, his pair has no longer walking from this unusually valuable leg. In order to let Chen Mingzhou live in the street with normal people, run on the street, go to play on the playground, go to the world to watch the play, and visit the famous doctor everywhere, treat him, day and night I don't hesitate to go through the north of China. I remember that once his father took him to see a very far-farten place, in order to have a spirit in the morning, it is necessary to depart at night. When I came to the destination, I have already quietly calmed the night. His father is hard to find a simple little hotel. I didn't expect that this hotel only had only one bed. In fact, this bed can squeeze two people at the same time. However, Chen Mingzhou's father lets he sleep, so that Chen Mingzhou sleeps this only bed, sitting on the bed, guarding himself is sweet Son for sleep. Chen Mingzhou's disease, surgery is inevitable. After surgery, the doctor hit his father. During this period, he could not drink water. When his father, he always accompanied by Chen Mingzhou. If he is thirsty, use a cotton swab into his dry lips to prevent his lips bleeding due to dry. Whenever morning, in a primary school, you can always see a pair of fathers. The son's feet can not be exhausted, they can only be on the back of the daily father, and the father is going to the teaching building of the son. Going upstairs, my father is so difficult to go, go to the turn of the second floor, let the son come down, rest, don't take a long time to take my son's tough dance. Everyone knows that this for the father is Chen Mingzhou and his father. He did not give up hope because Chen Mingzhou has this disease, just silent support for his son, silently paying your son. Obviously, his father's two have many silver silk, and the face has also been a lot, but he still pays for a lot of effort to send Chen Mingzhou, even though his shoulders are tired, sweating on the forehead. Because he is very vomiting, he will take care of him, and only hope that Chen Mingzhou has a good person, can contribute to his motherland. He don't do not seek, even if you sacrifice yourself for Chen Mingzhou. Do not hesitate. The great father has the same thing with the afternoon every morning. In the past few years, Chen Mingzhou's father has become very old, but it is still so strong and powerful. It is still a laughing to welcome every classmate, welcome every day. arrival. I want to say to Chen Mingzhou, for us, you are unfortunate, but you can make you feel lucky, you have one to care, like you, pay for you, but there is no complaint that there is no complaint. He is so great, then selfless, how much hope he has to have you, if you really want to repay your father's kindness to you, please don't let him down!