He did not easily appoint the golden world to human beings, but he became a mental flaw of thousands of pursuing people with burning life. I believe that everyone has a Lu Xun. For a hundred years, it has been touched by people, killer, praise, and sighful. Lu Xun or anger, or silent, or fight back, or listen to anything - still me, the natural color does not change. As the center of the traffic swirls, it seems to be so peaceful. Evaluate Lu Xun, I have to take him on the altar of some people, I am sitting flat with him, and talking. Lu Xunben is a human, the Lu Xun is really Lu Xun. He is swallowing smoke, and he is reluctant to send as his reluctant personality. It is a bit old, it is also a bit tired. Only his eyes still release the gods of the man, as if it has been the same for thousands of years. Wear you, see all the people. I know, this is the man who is holding a dagger. He is actually just an ordinary person, but it is unfortunate. Some people have said that he is a night, yes, because he is enough to wake up, it is sufficiently sensitive. The thoughts and emotions of the tentacles can be raised so far. It is often too sensitive to cause the difficulty of communication. It is like a wall that has been plugged in, so he sighs: \"The soul of people and people is not connected ...\" He said a very famous The words: \"Bar is a poodle.\" So the dog is afraid of him. Dog should be afraid, people should not be afraid of dogs. He is a double-edged sword, which is also cutting himself while stabing the darkness and injustice. So he is always bleeding, he is not afraid of bleeding, but he is sometimes helpless. \"The blood of the hero, is always the salt of life in the taste of the land, and it is a salt to give life to the gossip. This is really surprised.\" He may sometimes doubt whether his blood is worth another Go down, we really started awakening in his faint blood marks. \"I am willing to do this, my friend - I am alone, not only without you, no other shadow in the dark. Only I have been sinking, the world belongs to myself.\" In my own world, he is Not alone.