The morning wind is very cold, I am thin clothes in the wind, like a lonely soul, like me - a teenage girl's universal yearning and the pursuit of love. Autumn is really coming, I am looking to the sky, the sky is high, blue is coming, like a quiet water shop in the city, one will be soft to spread a piece ... I will consciously hug The arms, walk along the road, suddenly has a beautiful idea: I hope that I will see the first autumn leaves falling, I closed my eyes as if I really saw the golden leaves fall from the sky, The big put a lot, it seems to smash the wet, the land, until the ground is zero, and there is quiet, only heard the sound of the leaves. In the blink of a moment, it was still a thick green ... Turned to me to go to the teaching building, there were a lot of students, and I took a photo and hurried away, go to their respective places, with The dream of the wings rushed to their respective ideals ... The sun in the morning, all the golden spot, the stars are sprinkled on my face, and I fold the leaves, I don't think it is: I have become a member of this school, and I have a rush of a hurry ... The face has left the traces that cry last night, tight, bad, like all the vicissitudes of all nights. The corpse of the insects on the ground is crushed by the wheel, and it may be in the previous second. It is still singing loudly, but at this time, it is broken. Sometimes I think I am like a bug, come to this strange environment, may be cruelly swallowed at any time, and even the body does not leave, in this war, there is no war, I can only see the winner. In waving flag, it blurred low sobs. It has always been an envious of the victory, and no one goes pity, the early morning is crushed on the roadside. Walking in the shade of the gallery, the above is the \"sky\" that is woven into the net by the leaves, the sun is sprinkled with a gap, very beautiful, very beautiful ... What is it is beautiful? Those winners are beautiful. However, when you praise others, when you praise others, your body will reflect the seven-color light like gold, then your smile, your eyes are the most beautiful; when you feel happy, you are grateful to day, I am grateful to all the people, when you are the most tasty moon in the sky, you sprinkled the faint moonlight is warm with the hearts of others. At this time, you are the most beautiful person. There is a poem: You look at the scenery on the bridge, watching the scenery looks at you on the floor, the moon decorated your window, you decorated someone else's dream. I hope I will become the protagonist in my dreams, use the paintings that I possess, go to the pleasure, go to the soft heart of others. That way, why bother to pursue: must be a winner and a beautiful appearance. Thinking of this, I accelerated the classroom and started my course. I still remember the wind of last night, and the cool water also took wet water, blowing in outside the window, wet the whole room, and wet my eyes. I still gave me yesterday, I realized the true meaning of beauty today.