In these years, the trees are cut down by humans, and the trees in the forest kingdom have been cut. The forest king lion is difficult to sleep every day, and the forest is hurt for the forest, and the trees are so cold, and the small animals in the forest are likely to face life. Now, Xiaoxi has also been polluted, the air is also contaminated, in the past few days, there is two sour rain, what should I do? Just in this thousands of hair, the Tiger's general came up with a single way: the whole people mobilized, plant trees, resume the environment! The Lion King feels that this approach is still available, and it will decide to convene a forest conference. The residents in the forest are all, and even the fish is also wearing oxygen. The Lion King began to speak \"Dear animal residents, you also know that in our forest, the trees have been cut down the forest and have been severely destroyed. So, we have to save our homes!\" \"King, you Let's talk, we must work together! \"The animals said in unison. \"Okay, I have this sentence, I have a bottom in my heart. Our only way out of the way to plant trees, restore the environment. Below I assign a task: stream recovery, by the fish, frog put the garbage in the river On the shore, then transfer to the garbage station; Xiao Yanzi catch the insects, then send the pests to the detention center; the rest of the residents plant trees together. In this way, the animals started with warm applause with a warm applause. The next day, the animals began to work hard, although they were tired of sweating, and then dry. The second year, here has become an oasis, the sky is like a crystal, and the blue, the creek is clear. It is like a floring belt that is full of glitter gems, jubilant, the streams of the rivers, Lin Hai, in the green The forest sea is still embedded with a cluster of beautiful little yellow flowers. In order to protect this blue sky, the tigers are also guilty of the border army. This forest is rich since then.