The continuous river, the continuous mountain road, belongs to our great motherland, the motherland's mountains and the mountains, the river of the motherland transfers, the motherland's mind is extremely wide. The Chinese nation has a history of more than five thousand years, and the Chinese nation is a very great nation in the world. But we will not forget that the Eight-League of Runs will burn to Beijing, and a fire is shattered in the world of our Chinese nation. We can't forget that Japanese aggressors in Nanjing's massacre and kill more than 300,000 Chinese compatriots. ... Since October 1, 1949, the day born in the Republic of China, China has stood again, and the Chinese nation has once again standing, standing in the world. Everyone also remember 8 o'clock on the evening of 2008, 29 footprints gradually move toward bird nest, and the 29th Olympic Games finally opened in Beijing! At that moment, we boil, the Chinese people boil, the whole world boils! How many years of effort, how many times, how many people's sweat, finally in that engraving for the pride of the motherland! The motherland, you have already gone through extraordinary sixty years, like a baby grows into a teenager. Today, you are full of vitality, exuding vigor. You have too much to have a laughter, the history of rugged and rough, tomorrow will be more beautiful. In sixty years, you have a change in the sky, your people are increasingly rich, you condense the hearts of the world, you have won the world's respect. The motherland, you are always a bright pearl in my heart.