I have been to a lot of beautiful places, but I am most familiar, I want to introduce is my school. There is a wide playground in the school, there is a beautiful flowering tree, there are tall teaching buildings, and ... Enter the school, it is a wide and clean playground. Whenever the classroom, the playground will be immediately lively, some of the students play games, some are laughing, some are moving, there is also ... 铃 铃, 铃 铃 ... 上课 ringtone When the students looked away from the playground. Our school has many flowers and trees. Let me talk about our school's flower bed, it is both fascinating and beautiful! Into the flower bed, a fragrant and fragrant, refreshing, intoxicating. The flowers in the flower bed are blooming. Look, how bright, how colorful, white, red, powder ... and the green big leaves are woven into a splendid cloud. The flower of the bamboo peach opened the dense layer, some cleansing, such as jade, some powder is like a glow, became a big flower. There is also the snow-white gardenia flower fragrance, no one can't help but feel smelling. The flower bed is still often beautiful butterflies and hardworking little bees. The beautiful butterfly dances in the flower bed, and the hardworking bees will pick honey in the flower bed. There is also a grassland in our school, and the grass is full of green grass. And our school's four seasons are always green, and the big banyan trees tall and straight! Every summer, students will come to the big banyan tree. Some are playing the game below, some are talking, and there is still ... because of the summer, the weather is hot. The big banyan tree is like a kind old grandfather, covering the sun for us with its dense branches, and send us cool. So the students will go to the big banyan tree every summer. Our school also has a tall teaching building. There is no bright and bright classroom in the teaching building, and there are many function rooms. In the spacious and bright classroom, we appreciate the sound and avatar, graphic multimedia courseware; in the calligraphy class, we wrote the Chinese characters in the tender small hand; in the music class, we sing the sound of beautiful piano Anni-listening song; in the art class, we depict colorful worlds with paintings in your hands ... listen, teaching buildings are coming in a lanter's reading sound and beautiful singing. This is our school, a full of joy campus. The school left our splendid smile and left the footprint of our growth. what! I love beautiful alma mater! I am proud! I'm proud of you! my alma mater!