In the frontier of the motherland, a tree growing, it is tall, long history. People ask why they are growing here, it is smiled and said: \"Because I want to guard against the frontier of the motherland,\" I am in the spring, this big branches are in the branches, including a splendid smile . People have to ask why it has to grow such a flourishing branches, it said: \"Because I want the border defense soldiers to take the cold.\" Soon, it grew a rich, sweet fruit, and smiled sweeter. People asked why they have to knock out, it said: \"Summer is coming, I want the soldiers to quench.\" This big tree will grow in this week. However, there is no banquet in the world. This big tree burst into youth is gradually aging. Small animals are concerned about this life that has been thriving. Woodpecker gives it to the body every day to treat the body, treat disease; monkeys and small white rabies often give it to drink, warm up. However, the sickness wrapped it refused to relax, so that its life was threatened. In the winter, the snow flutters fell. It seems that someone is telling it, you won't grow the branches, will not set out the fruit again. The big trees often cry, it knows that there is only a new environment to save its lives, but it is never dead, still guarding in the frontier. Someone asked why it did so, but it said: \"The bird defense soldiers don't leave one day, I have to guard the frontier with them.\" The spirit of this big tree shocked my heart. It is not like a silent, self-improvement, is self-improvement?