Dream is stone, knocking out the fire of the stars; dreams are fire, ignite the hope of hope; dream is the lamp, I will lead to success! My dream is to invent the school and make the campus more beautiful, harmonious, and novel. Turning the school is a garden with a rumored flowers, flowers, and flowers, birds. I saw a small classmate stood at the school gate and walked over. I haven't waited for me, and that little classmate said: \"Sister, is it not a school? How is the teaching building and the playground?\" I mysteriously smiled, pointing to the colorful rock used to decorate the flower bed said: \"You The rock said to go to a place to go to the campus, and some campus will turn over. \"He like heard the heavens and nights, but he tried to say to the rock:\" Playground! \"Only listening to\" Boom \", A piece of garden was gone, the playground turned over. \"It's too incredible!\" He said surprised. The students run happy on the playground, jumping, just like a free bird. There is a basketball court behind the playground, a group of senior boys are playing basketball. He said with an exciting voice: \"Swimming pool!\" \"啦\", ha! There was another turn of the past and a blue swimming pool appeared. A small girl with a swim ring is playing in the water. It is like a beautiful piece of music. Of course, a school is the most important thing to teach the building! He shouted: \"Teaching Building!\" In the most central, teaching building of the garden, some children are reading poetry in the classroom. In the dance room, a group of children are on aerobics. The birds shuttle in the branches, and when they call a few times, they are accompanied by the classroom in the classroom, and everything seems to be so harmonious. In the school, I like the quiet classmates, I hold the book in the promenade, enjoy the breeze, intoxication for the beautiful sunshine, infected with the filled poetry, formity, incentive; in turning school , Good, learning to explore the self-exploration of the exploration, independent discovery, autonomous research, freedom, and loose learning environment can make them experience the fun of exploration activities and the sense of self-resolution. Dreams to support our lives, give us hope, motivate us to success. I firmly believe that my dream will eventually appear one day.