Dear classmates: Hello everyone! Today, I want to speaking is: \"The motherland is in my heart.\" Our motherland, where the eastern, the sun rises in the east of Asia. Our motherland - China is a dragon living under the sun. It is now brave, spirit: Look, on both sides of the Huangpu River, which is endless, is a large-scale Expo Park - this time the 2010 Shanghai World Expo; in Beijing, there is a building named \"Bird's Nest\" - At this time The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games sports venue; as well as the Guangzhou Asian Games, which will begin on November 12, 2010, make China this god dragon be more likely. However, when we look at these events that make us proud, we can't forget our Chinese pain. China, gave us yellow skin black hair, also gave us the suffering history of deep marrow: fire, Yuanmingyuan, eight years of war, Nanjing Massacre ... These are intertwined with blood and tears, these history, the history of bloody and hatred They are deeply engraved in our minds. At that time, China was weak and timid. At that time, the dragon called China was sleeping. It relies on foreigners, let the foreigners hold the gun, holding the knife, hacking in the body! Finally, on July 23, 1921, it woke up, anger! It starts to resist with its huge paw! On October 1, 1949, all invaders drove out of China! When our great first chairman - Mao Zedong announced a thousands of people in Tiananmen, announced that \"the People's Republic of China, the Chinese People's Government is set up today!\" When, who can deny us China - this giant dragon - wake up? Although this dragon has awakened, it is scarred: the war of Yuanmingyuan burns its skin. The blood of the Nanjing Massacre splashed its scales ... It is not a breeze. After our last generation, I was restored, it became a lot of enthusiasm, and began to bloom it. In March 1974, the villagers in Xiyang Village, Yingzhai Township, Linyi County, Linyi County, Shaanxi 1.5 When the kilometers were placed, many broken potters were found - this is the famous Terracotta Warriors in the famous Chinese and foreign countries; on January 10, 2004, China's first rocket successfully launched; August 8, 2008, The 29th Olympic Games opened in Beijing ... China began to show its style to the world, began to show its unique culture and charm. We have a yellow skin, black pupil. We are unique Chinese teenagers. We remember the history of China's five thousand years and remember the laugh and tears of China. The teenager is strong, then the country is strong; the teenager is rich, the country is rich; the teenager stands in the world, then the country stands in the world! Since the last generation gives us the responsibility of guarding China, we should have a brave to pick up! We should let us stand in the world, let China stand with the world! We have to let the foreigners look at us with a admirable gaze, let them say in a admirable tone: \"Oh! This is China! This is Chinese!\" Classmates, though we don't need to face the land of the land, No need to bear the fire smoke, butWe may have to block the influence of floods, fight the SARS, prevent bird flu, we have to study transgenes, we must conquer the dust storm, we must protect the environment, maintain the world peace ... we are the future of the motherland, we should shoulder heavy responsibilityAnd a long way to go.We will fail and will have setbacks.But behind the failure is always the rainbow!Try Harder!Do your best!Classmates, let our China rise in the east of Asia, in the world's oriental revival!My speech is over, thank you!