Dear classmates: Hello everyone! Today, my speech is \"revive! motherland\". The five thousand years of long journey, all the way, all the way. The Chinese nation has been open to the world, and the national strength of Han Tang, and there is also a closed-door country, and the modern shame is turned behind. The forward road is full of hardships, but hardships are hoped. Today, China is going to the world, and the footsteps are more determined, more awkward, and more heroic. National rejuvenation, referring to the day, China Tengfei, unstoppable! Looking back in history, \"The road is long and the road is long ...\" Zhang Sai took the western region, Xuanzang Xi Xi took the scripture, simultaneous Division, Zheng Heqi, and the four inventions were once our pride. Ancestors let our China go to the world, let the world know China! In modern times, my country's feudal rulers were self-respecting, and they closed their offices and rigid. Too many suffering, too much to lock in: opium war, Chinese law, Sino-Russian war, Nanjing Treaty, \"Beijing Treaty\" ... Oriental Giants, you What's wrong? Oriental giants, why don't you roar? The Chinese nation experienced the tempering and washing of the years, under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, unyielding, not afraid of bleeding, and drove the Japanese aggressors and established new China! Since then, the Chinese nation stands up. They work hard for the future of the Chinese nation ... Satisfy now, China is developing rapidly, the shame of the past is not returned! \"Yang Tian long happiness, the dragon will start.\" \"Resistance to the US aid to report the country hatred, Wanlong Meeting friends. Daqing Stone Oil Songs, two play a star show your hand.\" \"God 5, God 6, God Seven\" , \"Chang'e No. 1, Chang'e No. 2\", China's science and technology day! In this course, we cheer for China's rapid development ... China, the country is rich! China stands in the world! China's door is open to the world! The Chinese nation began to revive! The country is prosperous! Classmates, looking forward to the future, we have a great way to go, we must work hard! The future of the Chinese nation needs us to open up, we need our joint efforts! Common struggle! Creating a better future!