Dragon is a symbol of the motherland. We have a dragon's essay. There is a blessing, there is a difficulty - this is the hem of Chinese children, because we have a common mother, that is, China! When I think about the word of the motherland, I will feel very excited, the magnificent mountain river, long history, splendid culture, excellent tradition ... nor the pride of our Chinese. The motherland, you created another beautiful myth: the four inventions are amazing, the Great Wall is attractive, Shenzhou Sixth is a space, the Beijing Olympics is successful, and the earthquake relief Zhongzheng City ... How can you not let our Chinese children feel pride? Looking back in the past, when we suffer from foreigners, you will come out again from the dangerous difficulties again and again, because you have us in your heart! You use the west of the body to protect us, we also want to return you: love you, defend you. From the day I learned to patriot, \"Li Dazhao\" is deeply printed in my mind: In March 1926, Li Dazhao sorted into the country in danger, saving the people in the water, leading and personally participated in the people of Beijing Objects Day, British imperialism and opposition military valve Zhang Zuolin, Wu Peifu's struggle. Beiyang Military Valve Duan Qi Ruizheng has created \"three? 18\" tragedy, Beijing a white horror. In the case of extreme danger and difficulties, Li Dazhao continued to lead the party's Northern Organization to adhere to the revolutionary struggle. On April 6, 1927, Feng Xian's warlord Zhang Zuolin collected imperialism and arrested more than 80 people such as Li Dazhao. Li Dazhao is ready torture, in the prison, in court, always righteousness, unyielding. On April 28th, the reactionary warlords did not care about the strong opposition and condemnation of the people and the public opinion. Li Dazhao and other 20 revolutionaries were stranded in the West Daiwei Lane Jingshi Detention Center. Li Dazhao's first walks on the gallow, comfortably, and 38 years old. The history of civilization for more than 5,000 years, giving birth to the \"Hao Ranzheng\" of the Chinese nation. Like Li Dazhao, \"donating the country is difficult, seeing the death of the dead\", in our motherland, is there: Jingzhong's Yue Fei, recovering Taiwan's Zheng Chenggong, two-played a star Deng Jiaxian, the pioneer of the Chinese revolution Sun Yat-sen ... countless The benevolenders wrote a song of patriotic songs with the blood of the blood. They also want to be loyal to the motherland. Classmates, we should pride for the country of this hero, proud of these nations! Our young pioneers also have to learn from these patriots, even if they can't die for the motherland, they must do their best for the motherland. Patriotism, should not flow in the form, it needs to be actually actions. We have to start from self, start from the little things around you: do not mess with the garbage, don't spit, don't step on the flowers; save each drop, save every paper, save each electricity ... we have to establish it from small Long ideals, that is, work hard to struggle for the prosperity of the motherland. I think that the motherland has been humiliated before, I will ignite a group of bears in my heart. I am constantly saying in my heart: \"Come on, I am refuel, the motherland!\" I know: The motherland needs a strong body, richLearn, superb skills.Therefore, I want to cherish every minute of the present, I will work hard, try hard to learn my homework, cultivate a noble moral sentiment, master the rich knowledge, enhance the innovative awareness, prepare, always - to build a motherland, revitalize ChinaI have a contribution you should have.The motherland, you will always have a sacred status in my heart, because if you don't grow up, you will not.