高中英语作文:分数和能力The Score and Ability

Since I go to school, it is important to take the high score, because not only my parents feel very happy, but also my teacher will give me special attention. It seems that high score is the main goal for every students. It has been long recognized that foreign students are good at practising while our students are good at getting the high mark. Score and ability which is more important, I think the latter is more useful. The things we learn should be prepared for our future. The students are in the stage of storing knowledge, when they meet challenges someday, they can have the ability to solve the problems. Having the ability to solve problems by oneself reflects the person is independent and he has already grown up. That’s what education chase for.自从我去上学起,考高分是很重要的,因为不仅我的父母会感到非常高兴,而且我的老师会给予我特别的关注。似乎,高分是每个学生的主要目标。一直以来,人们就认识到外国学生擅长实践,而我们的学生擅长获得高分。分数和能力哪个更重要,我认为后者更有用。我们学习的东西应该为我们的未来做好准备。学生处在存储知识的阶段,总有一天,当他们遇到挑战的时候,他们可以有能力解决这些问题。拥有自行解决问题的能力反映了一个人是独立的,他已经长大了。这就是教育所追求的。